Profile Yourself With US 

At Galaxy we are passionate about the performers, musicians and creative people that show case thier talent at The Galaxy and out and about Christchurch. As artists perform on stage at The Galaxy and as we initiate our search for local creative folk, we will be developing performers profiles to showcase the talents on offer in Christchurch City. 

If you profile with us, we will interview you for a write up on our blog, stream interview for an online showcase talking about your creative journey and provide links to your other online content. We will promote this through our growing database of 6000+ members. This will be a great way to showcase your talent, have some additional online content to use to promote yourself and a good way to promote yourself to a new network of people. 

Contact us now to get the process started if you want to be showcased, tell your creative and performing friends too. 

We will build the biggest database of performers in the GALAXY ! 

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