• Jeremiah Smith

Galaxy Guide To Creative Christchurch

We have had an epic response from people enthused about our post seeking creative folk to interview and showcase in our Galaxy Guide to Creative Christchurch project. Big thanks to you all !

This week we look forward to meeting Bernicia


Will be a great chat about their music, how they put their music video together and their journey as musicians. We look forward to showing you all the stream and profile we put together.

Next week we will be meeting and profiling an electronic music producer local to Christchurch so be sure to follow our page and watch this space.


In other news we have been talking about the Galaxy goal to ensure that each event we host can provide performers with a quality video and live sound recording that can be used in their media.

From performance poets, to singers, through to bands and musicians, it is our goal to ensure that if you show your talent on our stage, that we develop an awesome record of that. In the pipeline will be an interview with a local, progressive innovator who will talk us through this process, the gear needed for a quality live sound recording, video capture and editing. Be sure to join us when we talk with Sam Peterson, sound engineer, editor, tutor and musician.

Please if you are keen to be profiled, get in touch, tell your friends, like and follow our FB Page and flick through any questions that you would want us to ask as part of our standard interviews.


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