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Where Did The Galaxy Come From ?

Galaxy at 206 Barbadoes St is the 2024 incarnation of the space being used for events. I have had the space for many many years, pre earthquake and have used the space for many a project. From seeding community groups to running underground gigs and parties.

Originally it was the CORSO building. A space from where many a community action was taken, a lot of local and international community building projects. While operating down at the site, we have met so many people that have such a long history and connection with the building. The site has been home to groups including Archetype Productions (living legend Whare) While Elephant Trust ( youth dev net) Red Panda (local band collective) Emerge (Emerging artists foundation) Pacific Island Underground, MASSIVE (festivals and dance parties) Kreation Art House, Rogue Youth, The Milk Bar, Elysium Fields (Goth and Punk Bands) ARCADIA and is now The Galaxy. Over the years I have had the space, I have made it available to those that want to party in a space that sits outside of the mainstream foul sick yuk culture of town. I have never fit in in town nor ever wanted to so wanted to secure a space that we could use to party and meet cool people. That desire has continued on to today where in our humble wee spot on the eastern frame of the inner city, we are thankfully able to continue to host events, parties and people that share the values that I do.

Love of Music

Love of People

Love of Creativity

Love of Endeavor

People that are nice, kind, slightly unusual perhaps.

Kind People

People that want to dance, sing, get silly.

In 2018 ARCADIA operated from the space through to the end of 2023. ARCADIA went really well and attracted such a neat following that I moved it to a more mainstream location at Victoria St to free up room in the arcade for more music. The parties were getting bigger - we needed more space. Now ARCADIA operates at Victoria St offering a more mainstream product, GALAXY remains at Barbadoes St for parties, games and fun times, I remain with The Galaxy with people I feel most at home with and have left ARCADIA to a new operator. A professional. It is a really sexy space there, Pinball, Karaoke & Night Club.

We are set to expand GALAXY mid 2025 to incorporate a new build on our car park out the back with the intention to host bigger multizone events, securing this corner of the eastern frame for our favorite eclectic people while the city develops into a modern city is the plan. I want to make sure that there is space for the underground creatives that don't want to party on the strip.

So this is Galaxy.

A low key, down home space, made up of things I found on the roadside for free that features a kick arse sound system ( with more bits to be added) Through the week a chill pad where we play games and eat burgers and drink beer. On the weekend family gaming time during the day moving into party time at night.

The motivator is to raise funds to develop my Eco-Pirates programme here and in the islands. Turtle conservation, reef replanting amongst other cool projects.

Fingers Crossed, The Galaxy continues to provide a haven to those that love to party and perform and we get heaps of awesome photos so when I am about to die and my life flashes before my eye balls, I can look back and feel like I have done something interesting!


I am Matt. Getting old fast, 43 soon to be 100, got things to do in the meantime. Worked in clubs and helped at festivals and outdoor parties, warehouse parties since I was 14, good fun. Found myself at home in the dance community where I met the best people ever. Worked in youth and community development for years, into advocacy, many many projects specializing in interventions for vulnerable, high and complex needs young people and their families. Now, a bit of union consulting and advocacy, lobbying, influencing, it is good fun. I sail (sank a boat last year omg got a helicopter rescue - was madness) (fun though) Am onnamish to build an eco-resort on the beach in sunny Samoa where I will retire running detox programmes, personal and leadership development courses (and of course dance parties) Got to dance or your body will seize up.

Come party.


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